STRATEG+ Advanced training on quality in Strategic partnerships in the field of youth

Training Course

8-13 June 2016 | Gothenburg, Sweden


The training course is organized by Myndigheten för ungdoms- och civilsamhälletsfrågor and will be facilitated by one of DAC’s staff – Andreea Maris.

Andreea has experience in writing and managing several Strategic partnership projects and has several years of experience in facilitating learning processes.
She have attended the Training of Trainers long term course organized by SALTO between 2013-2014.

She have previously colaborate with the MUCF in delivering the international course U SEE+ (Using Social Entrepreneurship in Erasmus+).


Deadline to enroll: 10 April 2016


This training course is addressed to coordinators or partners of granted KA2 Strategic partnership projects for participants who are project coordinators, staff or youth leaders working directly with ongoing or finished Strategic partnership Projects.

Further on the training course targets those who are:
• interested in developing their management and reporting competences
• willing to work on the quality of their international projects
• able to use English as a working language

The overall aim is to support the target group to implement qualitative projects through the development of participants’ competences to manage and report Strategic partnerships in the field of youth.


The specific objectives of the TC are:
• To help the participants understand the importance of the partnership as a quality element for the project implementation;
• To explore different project management instruments and increase their ability to design own instruments;
• To explore the role and the challenges of the intellectual outputs, multiplier events and TTL activities;
• To discuss qualitative and quantitative indicators for project activities;
• To explore the reporting criteria and consider those project elements that have to be monitored during the project’s lifespan;
• To offer a space for peer learning among experienced project workers;
• To offer support during the project implementation and reporting through individual coaching sessions.


STRATEG+ will focus on specific activities of the strategic partnerships as project management, transnational project meetings, intellectual outputs, multiplier events or training, teaching and learning activities from the perspective of transversal activities as project and budget monitoring, quality and relevance to the objective as well from a risk management perspective and will answer to questions as:
How do to ensure a strong and functional partnership? When and how to include intellectual outputs and multiplier events?
Which is the purpose of TTL activities in a strategic partnership? How to ensure the quality of the activities, monitor the budget and payments made as well as monitor the project’s risks? What to monitor during the project in relation with reaching our objectives and reporting the project?


An introductory part for the TC will be done in the on-line environment so that the participants got to know each other and have prepared eventual tasks.
After the training course the participants will be able to receive support through their project management and reporting phase with the purpose of increasing the quality of the implemented Strategic partnerships projects around Europe.
The TC will be based on the application form for the Key Action 2 Strategic partnerships for youth – Development of innovation.


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