Break the chain! project have ended

“Break the chain!” project has ended.

The project was implemented during September 2014 and November 2015. Under this time a total of 40 persons from seven countries have participated in a training course and a seminar on the topic of human trafficking organized in Deva, Romania and Gothenburg, Sweden.

Between the training course and the seminar the partner organizations and the participants have organized local level awareness raising activities that have resulted into a international coordinated effort of bringing human trafficking in the attention of the large public.

Below you can see a list of results and instruments developed during the project. They are free and available to be used by other interested stakeholders. The photo from the project’s poster is to be used only with the mention of the author: Nicoleta Cristea.


Short report of Break the chain! 2014-2015
Other forms of human trafficking ppt in pdf
Poster of the project. To be used only with the mention of the author.

“Break the chain!” final seminar in Sweden

THE THIRD PART OF THE PROJECT was the 9maj-page-0final seminar that took place in Gothenburg, Sweden. The seminar was hosted between 6 and 10 May 2015 by Development Assistance Center.

Ten representatives of the seven partner organization participated in the final seminar and worked together presenting the local level activities they implemented, explored the local and international networking and cooperation possibilities, planned future projects, evaluated the seminar, as well the whole project and reflected upon their involvement in the project.

One working session was dedicated to learning and discussing other forms of human trafficking. The participants explored the topics of human trafficking for organs harvesting, forced labor (including begging and stealing), child brides, child soldiers and forced religious conversions.

On 9th of May, Europe’s Day, we have organized a public seminar on the topic of human trafficking for sexual exploitation. The seminar was hosted by the World Culture Museum (WCM) and was organized in collaboration with the WCM, Anna Lindh Foundation Sweden, Nätverk mot Trafficking, Män för Jämställdhet and Real Stars.

Below you can see several photos from the event:

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The project proved to be a good starting point for local and international cooperation and an important learning arena where participants had a reach and successful learning process and where organizations have been benefiting from the good practices included in the project (ex. local activities).

Click the following text in order to access the Short report of Break the chain! 2014-2015 project.

“Break the chain!” project was funded by Myndigheten för Ungdoms- och Civilsamhällesfrågor (MUCF) through the Erasmus + programme.


“Break the chain!” Local activity in Ukraine

Our partner organization, Ukrainian Youth Centre, visited between 9th and 12th of March several classes with pupils age 14-15 and organized for them workshops on the topic of human trafficking.

The workshops have been organized in different schools around Lviv and the partners have reached 75 pupils from the 7th and 8th grade.


The purpose of the activity was to raise awareness among members of the target group about HT, to provide information about HT and possible actions in case of emergency, to disseminate knowledge and experience, gained during the project and to equip vulnerable youth with relevant competences and knowledge.


An interactive workshop (lasting in average 40 minutes) was facilitated by Oksana Tykhovska and arranged in the following way:

Messages connected with HT were written on 10-12 balloons and distributed. The pupils read what was written on the balloons and they tried to think what the messages could be about. The messages were connected by the facilitator with the human trafficking stories prepared in advance. While telling the stories the youngsters have also found out what can they do to avoid trafficking situations. Afterwards the pupils were encouraged to express themselves, while the facilitator moderated the discussion between them and answered their questions.


The attitude of the participants have changed during the workshop and they have become more curious about what is the state doing to tackle the issue, how many children are trafficked from Ukraine, to whom they can address if they suspect someone, how it is possible to escape from human traffickers etc.

Below you can see some photos from the workshops:


“Break the chain!” Local level activity in Italy

After the first international meeting in Romania, which took place in November 2014, ‘Libera – associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie’ has implemented local campaigns and activities for the prevention of human trafficking.

Since 1996, Libera organises – every 21st of March and always in different places of Italy – the day of remembrance and commitment of innocent victims of mafias. One of the main topics of the last edition in Bologna was ‘the trafficking of Human Beings: fighting slavery in the new millennium’. Through the introduction of some key words – such as ‘poverty, debt and threat’ – ‘Gruppo Abele’ (sister-association of Libera) started a very interesting debate to which have participated and contributed Glynn Ranking (anti-Human trafficking specialist), Giancarlo Perego (director of Migrantes) and many others. 1(

Thanks to ‘Break the chain’, another implementation was introduced in the project CARTT – Campaign For Awareness Raising and Training to Fight Trafficking. CARTT works in order to enforce the institutional action against the Trafficking in Human Beings breaking the social silence around the victims and reducing the social intolerance. This organisation makes every year a national symbolic trip to show and share the goals of the organisation through many activities organised all around Italy. (



Furthermore, together with ‘Gruppo Abele’, the CE.STR.IM implemented the number of activities in supporting victims of Human Trafficking until the end of 2015. Libera network has indeed increased the activities of raising awareness in the last months thanks to several educational events a3nd seminars organised in many Italian cities, in addition to several mobilizations which have already took place and others already planned for the next months.

More information about the activities can be found on our web site clicking on the logo to access the articles:



Break the chain! Local level activity in Romania

IMG_2181Implementation of the local level awareness raising campaigns on the topic of human trafficking in Romania took place on 23rd of April in Alba-Iulia.

The main purpose of the activity was to inform the local community, especially the teenagers between 14-15 years old, about human trafficking.

The target group were 50 eight graders students from the secondary school ,,Mihai Eminescu”.

Iulian Beca and Andreea Costea, representing our partner organization ACSCVJ, facilitated the presentation talking about the concept of the human trafficking, types of human trafficking, forms of recruitment, methods of coercion, push and pull factors, profile of the victims and profile of the traffickers, the most popular promises used by the traffickers, advices of what to do when you are in dangers of being trafficking, things you can do to avoid it and also some short movies about victims of human trafficking in Romania.

Click on the logo to access the article in Romanian.

Below you can see several photos from the event. Enjoy!




Break the chain! Local activity in Moldova

On 23th of April, NGO “Pan European Alliance”, Republic of Moldova have organized an information campaign about Human trafficking for pupils and for young people in Cahul, High School “Ioan Voda”.

The campaign was organized as a follow-up of the participation in the first part of the Break the chain! Project in   Deva, Romania, in November 2014.

The presentation was facilitated by Diana Moraru, who is member of NGO “Pan European Alliance” and one of the participants of the training course in Deva, Romania.

Also, Diana will participate at the final meeting of the project that will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Below are some photos from the event. Enjoy!