Citizenship education in Romania

Development Assistance Center and Asociatia pentru Consolidarea Societatii Civile – Valea Jiului from Romania have signed a partnership for the development and implementation of a citizenship education programme for youngsters with fewer opportunities from the rural area of Hunedoara and Alba Iulia counties in Romania.

The programme targets youngsters between 11-14 years old from villages and small towns from the Hunedoara and Alba Iulia counties.

The programme was developed during 2017 and it also include a local partnership between DAC, ACSCVJ and DJST Hunedoara (Hunedoara County Direction for Sport and Youth) whom have contributed to the programme with “in nature” support for the implementation of the activities and “Maica Precista” Association which had an essential role in reaching the target group.

DAC have financially supported the costs for organizing the summer school (meals, transport, purchase of materials and schools supplies) and have facilitated the summer school through a trainer. ACSCVJ have coordinated the organization of the summer school and joined in the facilitation with one trainer and volunteers.


At present, the programme builds on two pillars:

  • the implementation of an annual summer school for youngsters with fewer opportunities; and
  • offering material support in the form of school supplies with the purpose of decreasing school drop-out due to economic pressure.

Two other activities will are under development and will start in 2019:

1. A mentorship programme for high school youngsters with the purpose of personal development and carrier guidance through interaction with role models and professionals from different fields; and

2. A ToT for members of local and regional NGOs as well as youth workers employed by the regional authorities working with youth and sport in Hunedoara and Alba-Iulia counties.


In 2017 the summer school took place in the youth camp of DJST in Costesti, Hunedoara were twenty young people from Vulcani, Aninoasa, Valea Lupului, Banita, Baru Mare (HD) and Zlatna (AB) have attended the summer school organized between 28th of August and 2nd of September.

The summer school included topics as citizenship education, financial planning, literacy development, carrier guidance and development of soft skills as presentation skills and team work. The activities were facilitated using non-formal education methods like role plays, storytelling, theater, brainstorming, group work, cultural visits and meetings with role models.

Here you can see some photos from the activities:

In 2018 the summer school will take place at the end of August.